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    Arik Dan

    Arik Dan, CEO of Yaskawa Europe Technologys Ltd.

    CEO of Yaskawa Europe Technologies; CEO and Member in Board of Directors of REWALK ROBOTICS.

    Yaskawa is the leading company in developing and manufacturing robots to the industry sector,
    Powertrain Control Systems, that including controllers and servo motors and speed regulators, that are active on the frequency AC DRIVES.
    B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering, from the Technion (85); MBA study, Keio University in Japan (92).
    Previous positions: Development Engineer (85-88); Diplomat in Japan (90-95); 96-2005 VP Marketing & Sales (96-05).
    Areas of expertise: technology and business management. Japanese business culture. Investments in technology.

    Robotics Association board member.