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    Attorney Shnitzer

    Attorney Shnitzer
    Chairman S. Shnitzer Diamonds Inc., Chairman IDI and Honorary President of Israel Diamond Exchange.
    Owner of S. Shnitzer Diamonds Inc., production and export of diamonds.

    Attorney Shnitzer began at public activity while he was managing Diamond Exchange industry in the year 1994. During that time S. Shnitzer was the President of the Federation. He was also the Vice Chairman of the World Diamond Council . When he retired from his activity as the President of the Federation, the WDC gave him, during the 32nd World Diamond Congress, Held in Israel in June 2006, Award for Lifetime Achievement (DDC) New York Diamonds.  Israel Dignitary Award has granted Shmuel Schnitzer  award. Schnitzer currently serves as a member of the Presidium of the General Council of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association, Chairman of the board of the Diamond Museum named after Harry Oppenheimer and as the Israel Diamond Institute director. 
    Mr. Shnitzer have over 20 years of seniority in the Chamber of Commerce.