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    Area of Expertise: Promotion of Japanese culture among the Israeli public

    TELAVIVTOKYOテルアビブ東京 was born in 2012 out of great passion to the Japanese culture.
    After a decade of exploration, research and immersion in traditional and contemporary Japan, TELAVIVTOKYOテルアビブ東京 has developed into a multidisciplinary hub connecting artists, creators, opinion leaders and educators, while becoming a platform for cultural exchange and an aggregator of Made in Japan.
    TELAVIVTOKYOテルアビブ東京 brings together ideas and innovations from two vibrant societies,
    and by leveraging our extensive contacts and market knowledge we provide tailor made, high quality services such as cultural and artistic events, tours and seminars. In the future, TELAVIVTOKYOテルアビブ東京 will remain a trendsetter in examining Japan’s changing society, create partnerships, and be the diplomat of Japanese creativity and innovation.
    Telephone: 054-6499480
    Email: info@telavivtokyo.co.il
    Website: http://telavivtokyo.co.il/about-2/